Atis Kronvalds

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Kronvaldu Atis
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Atis Kronvalds, Kronvalds, Kronvaldu Atis, Атис Кронвалдс,
Folklorist, Linguist, Member of student's corporation, Pedagogue, teacher, Public figure, Publicist
Vecpiebalgas pagasts, Baznīcas kapsēta, Vidus kapsēta

Atis Kronvalds or Kronvaldu Atis (15 April 1837 - 17 February 1875) was a Latvian writer, linguist and pedagogue, as well as a prominent member of the Young Latvia movement.



Early life

Kronvalds was born to a tailor family, but was raised by priests of Durbe. After studies in Liepāja he became a private teacher. In 1860 he started to study medicine at the University of Berlin; however, he left after half a year when he ran out of money. He returned to Latvia, where he resumed work as a private teacher in Durbe.



Participation in "Young Latvians" movement

After returning to Latvia, Kronvalds joined the Latvian nationalist movement "Young Latvians" and became a passionate advocate of Latvian rights, language, and culture. In 1865 he moved to Tartu to study pedagogy at the University of Tartu. In 1868 he became a teacher at the teacher seminary there. He participated in the social activities of local Latvian society; notably, he renewed the "Latvian evenings" tradition begun by Krišjānis Valdemārs. He also wrote works of educational theory and several articles on education and linguistics. In 1872 he wroteNationale Bestrebungen, the manifesto of the Young Latvians. In 1873 Kronvalds moved to Vecpiebalga, where he worked as a teacher in a local school; he also participated by delivering two speeches, in the first Latvian Song and Dance Festival in the same year. He is one of the most famous Latvian authors of all time.



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1Universitas Tartuensis, Tartu UniversitāteUniversitas Tartuensis, Tartu Universitātelv
2Universitas Tartuensis, Tartu UniversitāteUniversitas Tartuensis, Tartu Universitātelv



        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        1Kristaps KronvaldsKristaps KronvaldsFather00.00.181000.00.1863
        2Margrieta KronvaldsMargrieta KronvaldsMother00.00.181000.00.1890
        Kristaps KronvaldsBrother03.08.185100.00.1880
        4Karolīne KronvaldeKarolīne KronvaldeWife02.04.183623.10.1913
        Reinis ResnaisFamiliar
        6Edmunds ProktorsEdmunds ProktorsEmployer10.04.181512.11.1865
        Hermanis KaterfeldsTeacher, Authority00.00.179700.00.1876
        8Kārlis KundziņšKārlis KundziņšStudymate03.05.185018.11.1937
        9Christian WaldemarChristian WaldemarIdea mate02.12.182507.12.1891
        10Fricis BrivzemniekasFricis BrivzemniekasIdea mate01.11.184615.09.1907
        Jānis DīriķisIdea mate21.01.183631.01.1910
        12Jēkabs ZvaigznīteJēkabs ZvaigznīteIdea mate22.02.183321.06.1867
        13Fricis TīliksFricis TīliksIdea mate26.04.185600.04.1926
        14Krišjānis BaronsKrišjānis BaronsIdea mate31.10.183508.03.1923
        15Andrejs PumpursAndrejs PumpursIdea mate22.09.184106.07.1902
        16Juris AlunānsJuris AlunānsIdea mate13.05.183218.04.1864
        17Andrejs SpāģisAndrejs SpāģisIdea mate14.01.182029.07.1871

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