Claudia Fontaine

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Клавдия Фонтайн, Клаудия Фонтейн
Rock musician, Singer
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Claudia Fontaine (26 August 1960 – 13 March 2018) was an English backing vocalist from Peckham London, England.

She has sung with artists such as Betty Boo, Dusty Springfield, Claudia Brücken, Julia Fordham, Marilyn, and the bands Pink Floyd and The Beatmasters. She is also a recurring vocalist for Incognito.

Claudia Fontaine - Natural High

During the 1980s, Fontaine and fellow backing vocalist Caron Wheeler (and later, third member Naomi Thompson) were collectively known as Afrodiziak. She made an appearance in Wheeler's video "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)" with Soul II Soul. She also performed with such artists as The Jam, Elvis Costello and The Attractions, Madness, Neneh Cherry, The Specials, Heaven 17, Hothouse Flowers and Howard Jones. Fontaine sang background vocals on the hit single "Free Nelson Mandela" by The Special AKA.

CLAUDIA FONTAINE - if you wanna lover (1989).mpg

Fontaine was the lead vocalist on The Beatmasters' 1989 hit single "Warm Love", which is included on their debut album Anywayawanna. She also sang lead vocals on the song "Deeper Into Harmony" on The Beatmasters' 1992 album Life & Soul.


  • Pulse (1994)
  • Showgirls (1995)
  • David Gilmour in Concert (2002)
  • Alfie (2004)


  • "Beat Surrender" (single) - The Jam (1982)
  • Punch the Clock - Elvis Costello & the Attractions (1983)
  • In the Studio - The Specials (1984)
  • How Men Are - Heaven 17 (1984)
  • Dream into Action - Howard Jones (1985)
  • Despite Straight Lines - Marilyn (1985)
  • People - Hothouse Flowers (1988)
  • "Warm Love" (single) - Beatmasters (1989)
  • Bonafide - Maxi Priest (1990)
  • Love: And a Million Other Things - Claudia Brücken (1991)
  • Mothers Heaven - Texas (1991)
  • Schubert Dip - EMF (1991)
  • Play - Squeeze (1991)
  • "Deeper into Harmony" - Beatmasters (1992)
  • "Can't Do Both" - Tim Finn (1993)
  • Funky Little Demons - The Wolfgang Press (1994)
  • Pulse - Pink Floyd (1995)
  • Frestonia - Aztec Camera (1995)
  • Across from Midnight - Joe Cocker (1997)
  • Jealous God - Nathan Larson (2001)


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