Zygmunt Modzelewski

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Zygmunt Modzelewski
Academician, Communist Party worker, Economist, Minister, Politician, Professor
Warszawa, Powązki Military Cemetery

Zygmunt Modzelewski (April 15, 1900 in Częstochowa - June 18, 1954 in Warsaw) was a Polish communist politician.

He was a member of the Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania and Communist Party of Poland. From 1923 to 1937 he was a member of the French Communist Party and even joined its Central Committee. From 1937 in Soviet Union; he joined the Union of Polish Patriots, Central Bureau of Polish Communists and became the first director of Polpress, a precursor to the Polish Press Agency. Later he joined the Polish Workers' Party and Polish United Workers' Party, in which he eventually became the member of its Central Committee. He was also a member of the Polish Council of State and a deputy to the State National Council and Legislative Sejm.

He received the Order of the Builders of People's Poland. He was also the adoptive father of Karol Modzelewski.


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