Battle of Rovine, Wallachians defeat an invading Ottoman army

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The Battle of Rovine took place on 17 May 1395 between the Wallachian army led by Voivod Mircea cel Bătrân(Mircea the Elder) against the Ottoman invasion led by sultan Bayezid I and supported by Serbian allies- Serbian king Marko Mrnjavčević, and serbian magnats Konstantin Dejanović, Stefan Lazarević, Konstantin Balšić

The Ottoman army faced a much smaller Wallachian army. Legend says that on the eve of the battle, dressed as a peace emissary, Mircea cel Bătrân talked to Bayezid I asking him to leave Wallachia, and promising to grant him safe passage. However, the sultan insisted on fighting.

An epic description of the battle is found in the poem "Scrisoarea a III-a" (The Third Letter) written by the Romanian national poet, Mihai Eminescu. The Dečani chronicle mentions this battle and explains that Prince Marko andConstantine Dragaš died in this battle. This chronicle also explains that Marko's brother, Andreja Mrnjavčević, also died in the Battle of Rovine.



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