lya Segalovich

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lya Valentinovich Segalovich
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Илья Сегалович, Илья Валентинович Сегалович
Troyekurovskoye Cemetery

lya Valentinovich Segalovich (born September 13, 1964, Gorky (Nizhny Novgorod), RSFSR, died July 24, 2013, Moscow) was a co-founder of Russian search engine Yandex. He has been CTO and director of Yandex since 2000 until his death in 2013. Ilya proposed the name “Yandex” for the search engine, derived from the idea of “Yet Another iNDEX”.

He began his career working on information retrieval technologies in 1990 at Arkadia Company that has been founded by his schoolmateArkady Volozh. Segalovich headed Arkadia’s software team. From 1993 to 2000, Ilya Segalovich led the retrieval systems department for CompTek International. He left CompTek for Yandex in 2000.

Segalovich was a co-founder and supporter of Maria's Children Art Rehabilitation Center for orphans and children with special needs. He received a degree in geophysics from the S. Ordzhonikidze Moscow Geologic Exploration Institute.

Segalovich died on July 24, 2013 of cancer.


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