Vladimir Vikulov

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Vladimir Ivanovich Vikulov
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Владимир Викулов, Владимир Иванович Викулов
Hockey player
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Vladimir Ivanovich Vikulov (born July 20, 1946) is a retired ice hockey player who played in the Soviet Hockey League. He was born in Moscow, Soviet Union and played forHC CSKA Moscow. Vikulov led the Soviet league in goals in 1971-72, and was top goal scorer at the IIHF World Championships the same year . He was a Soviet all-star in 1970, 1971, and 1972, and an all-star at the world championships in 1971 and 1972 . Vikulov tied for second in scoring at the 1968 Winter Olympics with 12 points in 7 games. He played in the 1972 Summit Series against NHL all-stars and the 1974 Summit Series against WHA all-stars . He was inducted into the Russian and Soviet Hockey Hall of Fame in 1967.

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