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WANGANUI CHRONICLE Moving record of craft and craftsman 5 Feb, 2010 8:43pm  2 minutes to read  

A tribute to the fine work of well known Wanganui cameraman Mac Brechmanis, who died in November, 2008, was presented to the Whanganui Riverboat Centre yesterday.
A DVD titled Return to the River - The story of PS Waimarie, with narration by veteran broadcaster Keith Richardson, was handed over to centre manager Dave McDermid.
The editor and producer of the DVD, Roger Millar, said the work held some remarkable footage.
"It's a fantastic testimony to Mac's wonderful camera work," he said.
 The film shows the amazing salvage of the boat from the Whanganui River in January, 1993. The old river steamer had sunk 41 years before in April, 1952.
In his narration, Mr Richardson says no one ever really knew what happened and why the old boat sank, but the general theory was that it was sabotaged - "someone had removed the seacock".
Because the salvage, the excavation, the floating and the restoration were featured regularly on national television news, it meant Mac was often there, shooting each stage.
Mr Richardson said for Mac the Waimarie became a "self-imposed assignment". "He would be down there filming in his own time, weekend after weekend."
This week the DVD was also being filed at the National Library in Wellington and at the Whanganui Regional Museum.
Yesterday  the DVDs had hardly been handed in to the Riverboat Centre when a  customer bought five copies.
Mr McDermid said New Zealand's last paddle steamer would be celebrating several important anniversaries and milestones this year, including celebrating its 10th year of being in service since the salvage was completed.


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