Marie Louise Hesse-Kassel, Landgravine

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Landgravine Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel was a daughter of Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, and Maria Amalia of Courland. By her marriage to John William Friso, Prince of Orange, she became Princess consort of Orange, a title last held by Mary II of England. Like her husband, she is an ancestor of all currently reigning monarchs in Europe.

Marie Louise is notable for having served as Regent for two periods in Dutch history: during the reigns of her young son, William IV, Prince of Orange, and of her young grandson, William V, Prince of Orange. She was often fondly referred to as Marijke Meu (Aunt Mary) by her Dutch subjects.


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        Saistītās personas vārdsSaitesDzimšanas datumsMiršanas datumsApraksts
        1Charles I Landgrave of Hesse-KasselCharles I Landgrave of Hesse-KasselTēvs03.08.165423.03.1730
        2Marija Amēlija Anna fon KurlandMarija Amēlija Anna fon KurlandMāte, Tante12.06.165316.06.1711
        3William IV Prince of OrangeWilliam IV Prince of OrangeDēls01.09.171122.10.1751
        4Amalia  Nassau-Dietz, PrincessAmalia Nassau-Dietz, PrincessMeita23.10.171018.09.1777
        5Вильгельм VIII Гессен-КассельскийВильгельм VIII Гессен-КассельскийBrālis10.03.168201.02.1760
        6Frederick I of SwedenFrederick I of SwedenBrālis17.04.167625.03.1751
        7John William Friso Prince of OrangeJohn William Friso Prince of OrangeVīrs14.08.168714.07.1711
        8Ferdinands KetlersFerdinands KetlersOnkulis01.11.165504.05.1737
        9Frīdrihs KetlersFrīdrihs KetlersOnkulis06.07.165022.01.1698
        Luīza Elizabete fon HesenTante23.08.164616.12.1690
        11Фридрих II Гессен-КассельскийФридрих II Гессен-КассельскийBrāļa/māsas dēls14.08.172031.10.1785
        12Ludvigs Hesens no HomburgasLudvigs Hesens no HomburgasBrāļa/māsas dēls15.01.170523.10.1745
        13Jēkabs KetlersJēkabs KetlersVectēvs28.10.161001.01.1682
        14Luīze KetlereLuīze KetlereVecāmāte13.09.161729.08.1676
        15Karl Friedrich  BadenKarl Friedrich BadenMazdēls22.11.172810.06.1811
        16Carolina Orange-Nassau, PrincessCarolina Orange-Nassau, PrincessMazmeita28.02.174306.05.1787
        17Vilhelms KetlersVilhelms KetlersVecvectēvs20.06.157407.04.1640
        18Georg Wilhelm von BrandenburgGeorg Wilhelm von BrandenburgVecvectēvs13.11.159501.12.1640
        19Sofija KetlereSofija KetlereVecvecmāte31.03.158204.12.1610
        20Leopold BadenLeopold BadenMazmazdēls29.08.179024.04.1852
        21Henriette  Nassau-Weilburg, PrincessHenriette Nassau-Weilburg, PrincessMazmazmeita22.04.178002.01.1857
        22Максимилиан Гессен-КассельскийМаксимилиан Гессен-КассельскийBrālēns/māsīca28.05.168908.05.1753
        23Fridrihs III KetlersFridrihs III KetlersBrālēns/māsīca19.07.169221.01.1711
        24Albrehts Frīdrihs fon Branderburgs ŠvedtsAlbrehts Frīdrihs fon Branderburgs ŠvedtsBrālēns/māsīca24.01.167221.06.1731
        Marija Doroteja fon Brandenburga ŠvedteBrālēns/māsīca00.00.168400.00.1743

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