Ilya Oleynikov

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Ilya Lvovich Klyaver
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Илья Олейников, Iļja Oļeiņikovs, Илья́ Львович Клявер, Ilya Lvovich Klyaver,Ilya Lvovich Oleynikov
Aktieris, Komiķis
Pushkin, Cemetery "Kazanskoe"

Ilya Lvovich Oleynikov (born Ilya Lvovich Klyaver; July 10, 1947 – November 11, 2012) was a Russian comic actor and television personality, TEFI winner (1996, 2001), People's Artist of Russia (2001).


Klyaver was born on July 10, 1947 in Chișinău, in a Jewish family of Lev (Leib) Naftulovich Klyaver (1908 -?) and Clara (Chaya) Borisovna Klyaver (Preseli).

In 1965 he began to study and in 1969 graduated from GUTSEI - Moscow State Circus and Variety Arts Institute. From 1969 to 1971 Oleynikov served in the Soviet Army. He worked as an artist in Moskontsert and from 1974 to 1990 as a stand-up comedian in Lenkontsert.

He took the stage name Oleynikov (name of his wife Irina Oleinikov), when he started working in a duet called "Kazakov and Oleynikov" with artist Roman Kazakov, who was not only his stage partner, but also his best friend. The duo also worked with Vladimir Vinokur (in particular, in the pop-parody program "Is there extra ticket").

In 1977, together with his partner on stage Roman Kazakov becomes the winner of All-Union competition of performers.

Since 1968, starred in several movies.


  • Order of Honour (2012)
  • People's Artist of Russia (2001)
  • TEFI award for the Best Leading entertainment program (1996, 2001).


  • Trembita (1968)
  • Primorsky Boulevard (1988)
  • Gu-ga (1989)
  • Anecdotes (1990)
  • Mannequin in love (1991)
  • The thirst of passion (1991)
  • Carnival Night 2 (1996)
  • The Thin stuff (1999)
  • The Myths. The Labors of Hercules (1990)
  • The Alchemist (2001)
  • The farm interteynment (2003)
  • Upside down (2004)
  • The game on-line (2004)
  • The Twelve Chairs (2005)
  • Thai tour Stepanych (2005)
  • The Master and Margarita (2005)
  • The Spanish trip Stepanych (2006)
  • The Life and Death of Lyonka Panteleyev (2006)
  • Three on top (2006)
  • The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (2007)
  • Jumble № 215 (2007)



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