Andrei Panin

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Андрей Владимирович Панин
Papildu vārdi:
Andrei Vladimirovich Panin, Andrejs Vladimirovičs Paņins,
Maskavas Trojekurovskoe (Троекуровское) kapi

Andrei Vladimirovich Panin (Russian: Андрей Владимирович Панин; May 28, 1962 - March 6, 2013) was a Nika Award-nominated Russian actor appearing in film and television, and a director.

Early life

Panin was born on May 28, 1962, in Novosibirsk, Soviet Union; the son of Agnessa (née Berezovsky), and Dimitri Alexandrei Panin. Two years later the family moved to Chelyabinsk. Then, when Andrew was six years old - in Kemerovo, where he lived for 16 years.

Acting career

Panin was rocketed to fame by the hit television detective show Kamenskaya. In 2000, he had lead roles in both Valery Akhadov's Don't Offend the Women and Pavel Lungin's The Wedding, as well as Alexander Atanesyan's action thriller 24 Hours. He won the best actor prize at the Golden Ram film festival for his part in The Wedding. Panin made his first screen appearance in the movie Straightway, but it was his performances in Maxim Pezhemsky's Mama, Don't Cry and Denis Yevstigneev's Mama that brought the actor renown.

Before becoming a screen regular, he was a stage actor at the Minusinsky theater, where he worked after graduating from the Culture Institute in Kemerovo. Although he had initially planned to attend the Culinary Institute, Panin went on to further his education as an actor, graduating from Moscow's legendary MKhAT in 1991 and taking up residence at the MKhAT Chekhov theater with his wife, Natalya Rogozhina. His stage work includes Three Sisters (Soleny), The Miserly Knight, Marriage, Deadly Number, and a private production of Winter. Panin often acts in Oleg Tabakov's productions.

Personal life

Panin lived in Moscow, Russia with his wife, Natalya Rogozhkina. He was found dead in his apartment on March 7, 2013, lying on the floor with a head wound, in his apartment in 18, Balaklavsky Avenue, in South west Moscow.

Selected Filmography

  • 2002 — The Brigade: Law of Lawless
  • 2007 — Crime and Punishment (TV Series)
  • 2008 — Kamenskaya 5 (TV Series)
  • 2008 — Zhmurky
  • 2005 — Mama Don't Cry 2
  • 2005 — Shadowboxing
  • 2007 — Shadowboxing 2: Revenge
  • 2007 — The Cosmonaut's grandson (also Director)
  • 2010 — The Crew
  • 2010 — Burnt by the Sun 2
  • 2011 — Generation P
  • 2011 — Kamenskaya 6 (TV Series)
  • 2011 — Shadowboxing 3: Last Round
  • 2011 — Vysotsky. Thank You For Being Alive
  • 2012 — Breakaway
  • 2012 — Redemption
  • 2012 — The Horde
  • 2013 — Hetaera of Major Sokolov
  • 2013 — Sherlock Holmes (TV Series)



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